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A customer's example on a Chrysler Sebring.

Driving with the top down causes a low pressure area inside the cockpit.  Area pressure is equalized, then causing turbulence inside the cockpit.

Symptoms: Hair flies about, difficult to talk on your cell phone, tiring to take long trips with the top-down, can not hear your stereo.

Solution: A Windblox Convertible Windscreen interrupts the turbulence pattern, significantly reducing wind backwash inside the cockpit.

Results: Calm and quite inside the cockpit.  You enjoy the original purpose of your convertible car once again.

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Benefits: Features:
- Prevents unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue. - Windscreen made of thicker material for extra rigidity, better performance, and lasting life.
- A much quieter cockpit.  You'll be able to hear yourself think again - Very simple convertible wind deflector installation.  A staffer's 12-year old nieces installs in less than two minutes.
Unmuffled sound from the rear speakers.  Windblocker design allows the full sound of your stereo to come through from the back. - Retains access to the rear.  This is important when you need storage and access to your CDs, caps and hats, sunglasses, or other items stored about the rear compartment used while driving.
- Talk clearly on your cell phone - Off-and-on in seconds, simplest of windscreen installations.
- Light weight.  Very easy to maneuver. - Windblocker does not interfere with the boot cover.   Boot cover fully fits
- Best for long term wear.  This windblocker will continue to look like new after many years of active service. - Can be used in any degree of weather; material rated for -30 degrees to 125 degrees (-35 to 52 degrees Celsius.)
- Carry on conversations with your passenger without straining your voice - Convertible wind deflector remains in place with top-up.  Do not need to take off & on.
- Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair. - Original design.  Tested for years car clubs by all members before release, continuously refined from countless feedback, into its current form.  
- Enjoy the full richness and clarity of your stereo - No permanent modifications; windblocker installs with no changes to the cockpit whatsoever.  No drilling, glues, or adhesives to permanently mar your car.
- Take long trips comfortably -  Suitable for extreme driving.  Customers drive at three digits speeds for hours with windscreen in place
- Cruise at night without freezing from cold drafts - No rattling or vibrating about; convertible wind deflector stays snuggly in place and stays quiet.
- Clear, no visual impedance, especially at dusk. - Edges honed down for gentle touch - no sharp edges
- Cleans easily with soap and water - Does not induce long term wear.  Wind deflector stays and remains securely seated in use, preventing abrasive wear from movement over long term use.
- Extends your top down driving season.  Continue to enjoy top-down driving even on those cold, clear, winter days. - Uses tough nylon fasteners and stainless steal hopes.  Way over-engineered for lasting performance and endurance.



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Mechanically Inept
Technically Inept  

- Installs without tools.

- Staffer's 12 year old niece installs these in two minutes.

- Raise and lower the top with the windscreen remaining in place.

Technician Wants to Proof Product Design

- Largest coverage area in its product class for maximum protection.

- Strongest material; does not warble.

- Engineered design to block maximum turbulence.

Sports Car Enthusiast Searching for the Best
Sports Car Enthusiast  

- Rated for 150 MPH.

- Does not rattle around; windscreen remains in place.

- No flexing or bowing; does not induce wear against the car.

Wife will not go with Top Down
Couple Driving Top Down   - Hair does not whip around.
- Arrive at your destination without feeling beat up.
- Converse with each other without strain.